About Tom Makau

With over 19 years experience in the Technology space, Tom Makau is an accomplished ICT thought leader in Kenya and the region.

Tom is an advisor to many leading organizations that are adopting or investing in ICT infrastructure and services.

Tom’s main focus area is ICT infrastructure and Service adoption and commercialization and uses his wealth of experience to provide his clients with sound advise as their technology consultant and trainer.

Some recent projects that Tom has consulted for include:

  1. Acting as the technology advisor to the financier currently working on investing over USD 70M into a 10MW Data Center in Kenya.
  2. Due diligence partner and technology advisor in a USD100M investment in a 8MW Tier 3 Data Center and renewable energy plant to serve it in Kenya.
  3. Technology advisor to the commercialization consortium of the 4.2Tbps Kenya-Ethiopia fiber optic project with eventual breakout in Djibouti.
  4. Technology consultant to the consortium commercially operating the 36Tbps DARE-1 submarine cable serving Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia and Kenya.
  5. Lead DC operations consultant in the consortium drafting the latest Service and Operations strategy for the Tier 3 Konza National Data Center.
  6. Technical Consultant to the Konza Data Center Cloud/Virtualization/VDI project by Huawei Technologies.

Tom’s ability to simplify complex technologies and his understanding of African market has enabled him to offer bespoke workshops to CxO’s and the general industry, for example:

  1. Instructor on LinkedIn Learning : Currently working on his first course which will address how to successfully adopt Cloud Computing for business success.
  2. Telecom’s Regulatory and Market Strategy. He has recently led several African ICT regulators in Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania and other governmental institutions and ministries through training and workshops on technology and regulatory approaches to emerging technologies such as AI, 5G, IoT, AR/VR, OTT Services, Cloud computing, and many more.

Tom has worked in various capacities with some of the leading telecommunications and ICT firms in Africa such as:

  1. UUNet/MTN Global Connect a member of the MTN Group of companies.
  2. Afsat/iWayAfrica Limited a member Telkom South Africa Group of companies
  3. Nokia-Siemens Networks.
  4. Liquid Intelligent Technologies a Member of Cassava Technologies Ltd.

Tom’s has also been instrumental in various ICT/telecommunications start-ups including

  1. Imarasat Communications which provided broadband services in 11 Countries in sub-Sahara Africa.
  2. eBiashara Ltd, a Cloud/SaaS and e-commerce start-up company.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tmakau/

Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/tommakau

37 thoughts on “About Tom Makau

  1. Saw this in facebook posted as a link and was elated to see some interesting analysis on the link btn the DR War, their minerals and the technological revolution craze happening around us, all this from a college mate. Kudos mate. Inspired

  2. Thought provoking. I am an entrepreneur in the wind industry. So this interests me a great deal. Plus I love thoughtful, robust debate. Thanks.

  3. This is great Tom..We are following in thy steps. Keep on. Particularly loved the Unlimited internet analogy.

  4. I salute you Sir. I am an undergraduate student who blogs regularly and I am really inspired by the way you write articulately. Your achievements in academia are something I envy. I hope this blog wins in the Technology category at the BAKE Awards. Good job.

  5. Hi Tom,am a true follower of your informative/educative blog.Keep it up and Good work.
    Am particularly following the ka-band developments.



  6. Hi Tom, first time on your blog…interesting stuff! I must say you’re good in what you pursue! Keep it up dude!

  7. I read the article Implication of Higgs Bososn Discovery. Dude, it’s really written in very simple language without any overflowing scientific theory that helps a layman like me to extract enough info and concept out of that. I really appreciate your work and concept clarity. Keep yourself active and agile so that knowledge acquire a smooth channel in you to flow towards naive eager scientist. .

  8. Your ability, Bw, Engineer, to communicate succinctly and clearly to a lay man is admirable. An up-to date, concise and palatable (see how you dissected Equity- Safaricom duel- ps- I now know which shares to buy and which to sell) blog, keep on informing . Once again, congrats.

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