Services Offered

Technology Advisory Services

With technology becoming interwoven into every facet of life and business, the failure to adopt of the right technology by organizations in their operations often results in poor quality of products and services, diminished customer satisfaction and the failure to correctly anticipate and predict the future. The adoption of the right technology, processes and employee mindset change is what is known as digital transformation.

This fear of failure has driven many organizations to adopt technologies that fail to align with their strategy and . This mostly happens because of:

  1. Organizations not knowing what technology is right for them, falling back to technology vendors and suppliers who more often than not are after closing the sale and not necessarily helping their customer become better by use of their technologies. Many organizations have procured expensive, irrelevant technologies that
  2. Poor needs analysis of the organizations technology needs leading to misaligned adoption of technology
  3. Fast pace of technology change can often lead to obsolesce of some technologies that were initially relevant but due to poor future-proofing of technologies selected, they end up not meeting the organizations intended needs in the long run.
  4. Failure by decision makers in organizations in understanding existing and emergent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep learning, Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and many more.

Organizations that need to avoid the above often look internally to get it right. However, more often than not, internal expertise in organizations that are not themselves in the technology space is often deficient and lacking a big picture and forward thinking approach toward technology adoption. Some of the customers I am currently working with include:

  1. A Joint Venture (JV) with two other companies to consult for a unnamed customer who desires to build and operate a hyperscale data center in Kenya. I am playing the role of technology advisor in the JV on the Data Centers’ design, technology and vendor selection and service operations model and processes.
  2. Karti Telecom Ltd, a regional ISP that operates the 36Tbps Djibouti Africa Regional Express 1 cable (DARE-1) that provides undersea connectivity to the internet and cloud with landing stations in Bosaso, Berbera, Mogadishu, Djibouti city and Mombasa. I am providing technology advisory, selection and implementation to enable them set-up operations in the region. This includes, network architecture, BSS/OSS systems design and operation, talent identification and recruitment for the technical team, upstream and downstream vendor engagement and creating technical operations procedures, processes and controls.
  3. In the initial engagement with Intelsat Corporation, the leading BSS/FSS satellite fleet operator in the world to conduct advanced end-to-end troubleshooting and recommend a solution for one of their customers in Australia who is facing service related challenges that are impacting their quality of service.
  4. Airtel Kenya Ltd, the second largest mobile provider in Kenya. I designed and provided a message relay server system on the cloud that offered message relay to all their subscribers using their network to send email messages.
  5. Centric Technologies, an ICT services integrator. I am providing virtual CTO services to them as they serve customers. My role is to ensure the proper and efficient adoption of technologies to Centric’s customers
  6. Binary One Solutions Ltd, an ICT company providing customer loyalty systems to FMCG space that reward purchase decisions by consumers. I am providing advisory on the technical go-to-market plans and sales support.

As your Technology Consultant, we can work together to enable your organization harness the right technology, processes and mindset change to drive up market share, revenues and profits. I can also audit already-deployed technologies for performance issues

Knowledge Transfer and Training

In today’s business environment, technology has had the effect of accelerating time and offering near infinite leverage and capacity to create and transfer value to customers. This has in turn had the effect of the need for faster decision making. With faster decision making, also comes the need to make informed decisions.

When it comes to understanding what technology is right to take your business to the next level, or how to prepare and future proof business operations in the digital age, I provide bespoke training on both current and emerging technologies in an easy to understand language and approach that ensures that people with zero technical background understand the what, why how and when of technologies such as cloud and hyperscale computing, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Edge computing, Big data and analytics, Blockchain, Virtual and Augmented reality, Internet of Things and smart cities, Quantum computing and many more. Some organizations that have benefited from the training I offer include:

  1. Communication Authority of Kenya, the ICT regulatory body in Kenya where i trained their senior staff on how emerging technologies can be used to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs and how best to prepare for the regulation of these new technologies
  2. Africa Advanced Level Telecommunication Institute (AFRALTI), an inter-governmental body that offers training on telecommunications and ICT
  3. Karti Telecom Ltd, I provided technical operations and process training to enable them set-up business operations
  4. Imarasat Communications Ltd, a provider of broadband satellite services in Sub-Sahara Africa. I worked with them to train the sales team on Internet technologies to enable them sell more effectively.

11 thoughts on “Services Offered

  1. Dear Tom,
    Your are perfectly right. Not only electric cars, the same thing applies to all other renewable energy resource developers, such as hydrogen, hydro power developers and other researchers. I have experience this as a researcher and a developer. If you are in the same lot please do not discourage. keep it going for the benefit of man kind.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I have been on this topic for a while but my interest is also moving voice into WiFi networks.
    In buildings especially CBDs, you will find a micro BTS(GSM) in almost every building, which is quite expensive, in pursuit of network coverage.Suppose the intelligent Phone is able to offload the GSM voice into into a local WiFi device which through an IP network (via VOIP connects into the cellullar GSM switch through voice routers.This would be of great value to networks due to frequency scarcity, and financial issues involved.
    What do you think?

  3. Hi, Makau,

    Aam a vsat Engineer and have been installing the ka band for a year. Kindly email me you contacts.

  4. Dear Tom,
    I am one of the editors of the eLearning Africa Report 2014. The report will be published in May, both online and in print, and will be distributed to ICT and Education Ministers at the eLearning Africa conference. We’re currently recruiting contributors to write about ICT and education in Africa. Would you be interested in writing a piece for us? E-Mail me if you are.

  5. Dear Tom, I wold like to contact you about a certain new gadget that is about to be released. kindly get back to me through my email.

  6. Hi Tom, My name is Grace Ngugi and I am research scientist at the National museums of Kenya based at the East African Herbarium, Economic Botany Section. I have just seen an earlier post on twitter “Hey @SwahiliSanifu looking for the English name to ‘Vilua’ (the fragrance petals used in coast and Zanzibar)” posted on 9th of March this year. I do not know whether you got the info you wanted but the plant is called Mkilua at the Kenyan and Tanzanian Coasts in Swahili. It does not have a standard English name because it is an Indigenous tree found in Kenya and Tanzania but its scientific name is ‘Mkilua fragrans’ in the family Annonaceae (The Avocado family). You can check for more info on this link:

    1. Hello Grace, thanks for the followup on my question on twitter. This is very useful info. Much appreciated. DO you research on the plant? If yes I would like to get your insights about it, Please share your contacts with me on . Thanks

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