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Technology Communication and PR

Not everyone understands technology or tech terminology. Effective technology communication is key in businesses that utilize or sell technology. Through technology messaging that communicates its benefits, I help organizations create technology communication plans for products and services to communicate the right message to the right audience.

I do this by having a deep understanding of the ICT space, educating target audiences and being part of a larger technology Eco-system. This includes journalists, social media communities, industry analysts and thought leaders, and influencers, exhibition and conference organizers.

If you’re a technology startup or established enterprise looking for a reliable Technology PR agency to speak your language and raise awareness, contact me now to fill the gap between you and your audience by communicating technology effectively. I help tech companies secure outsized PR outcomes for growth. I specialize in startup public relations for emerging technology companies seeking to generate social media and press coverage to raise capital or gain visibility. I am very passionate about helping tech startups succeed.

Tech PR is the process of cultivating and nurturing your technology brand by commenting on and generating story lines in which your brand is the champion.

I offer technology editorial content generation, press releases, thought leadership articles and case studies, tech oriented social media channels management, strategic market and stakeholder research services, tech crisis management, and industry analyst relations management.

Technology Advisory Services

More often than not, many technology investment decisions are vendor driven and not customer driven. I work with my customers to help them identify, select, and adopt technology through providing them expert advisory to ensure they make the right choice.

I conduct technology due diligence assessments and technology investment appraisal on behalf of my clients as they make investment decisions in technology projects such as telecommunication infrastructure, data centers and wireless networks.

Bespoke Technology Training

I create bespoke training and workshop sessions targeted at decision makers, policy makers and sector regulators on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G Mobile technology, Serverless Computing, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, Robotics and Virtual Reality,

I prepare regulators, businesses and governments to adequately take advantage of these emerging technologies to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Contact me today for more information on me (at) tommakau (dot) com

12 thoughts on “Let’s Work Together

  1. Dear Tom,
    Your are perfectly right. Not only electric cars, the same thing applies to all other renewable energy resource developers, such as hydrogen, hydro power developers and other researchers. I have experience this as a researcher and a developer. If you are in the same lot please do not discourage. keep it going for the benefit of man kind.

  2. Hi Tom,
    I have been on this topic for a while but my interest is also moving voice into WiFi networks.
    In buildings especially CBDs, you will find a micro BTS(GSM) in almost every building, which is quite expensive, in pursuit of network coverage.Suppose the intelligent Phone is able to offload the GSM voice into into a local WiFi device which through an IP network (via VOIP connects into the cellullar GSM switch through voice routers.This would be of great value to networks due to frequency scarcity, and financial issues involved.
    What do you think?

  3. Hi, Makau,

    Aam a vsat Engineer and have been installing the ka band for a year. Kindly email me you contacts.

  4. Dear Tom,
    I am one of the editors of the eLearning Africa Report 2014. The report will be published in May, both online and in print, and will be distributed to ICT and Education Ministers at the eLearning Africa conference. We’re currently recruiting contributors to write about ICT and education in Africa. Would you be interested in writing a piece for us? E-Mail me if you are.

  5. Dear Tom, I wold like to contact you about a certain new gadget that is about to be released. kindly get back to me through my email.

  6. Hi Tom, My name is Grace Ngugi and I am research scientist at the National museums of Kenya based at the East African Herbarium, Economic Botany Section. I have just seen an earlier post on twitter “Hey @SwahiliSanifu looking for the English name to ‘Vilua’ (the fragrance petals used in coast and Zanzibar)” posted on 9th of March this year. I do not know whether you got the info you wanted but the plant is called Mkilua at the Kenyan and Tanzanian Coasts in Swahili. It does not have a standard English name because it is an Indigenous tree found in Kenya and Tanzania but its scientific name is ‘Mkilua fragrans’ in the family Annonaceae (The Avocado family). You can check for more info on this link: http://www.ijstr.org/final-print/may2014/Conservation-And-Cultural-Aspect-Of-Mkilua-Fragrans-Verdc-At-The-Kenyan-Coastal-Lowlands.pdf

    1. Hello Grace, thanks for the followup on my question on twitter. This is very useful info. Much appreciated. DO you research on the plant? If yes I would like to get your insights about it, Please share your contacts with me on me@tommakau.com . Thanks

  7. Hi Tom

    It was great to catch up and learn from you during the New Media Training- OTT Services, Policy and Regulations in Lilongwe, Malawi. Great business insights and opportunities you provided. Looking ahead to connect with you.

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